Our Heart

Mr. Ricardo Clark y Rodríguez Leal.

Expert with more than 50 years in the Foreign Trade business, he has been the support of a number of large companies to complete their import and export processes. Enthusiastically committed with the community, is member of the Confederation of Custom Brokers of Mexico.

Ricardo Clark



The services offered by a custom agency are vast and complex, then we summarize below the main services we can provide you, but please don’t forget that for anything related with foreign trade, import logistics and trading, etc., we can assist you.

  • Tariff Classification and Expert Appraisal.

    The payment of taxes, dues and obligations and non-tariff regulations, among others, will be determined by the proper classification of products you wish to import and/or export.

  • Customs Clearence

    Customs clearance both for import and export of products, and special operations (virtual, change of regime, legalizations, etc.).

  • Complete Advisory

    Legal advisory and prosecution of Custom Administrative Procedures (PAMAS, Spanish acronym), appeals for revocation and nullity proceedings.

  • Advisory in Foreign Trade

    Imex, customs accounts, drawbacks, freights, storage, insurance, import and export authorizations, etc.

  • On site Services

    Services such as loading and unloading of goods, labeling, storage, audit to customs documents, etc.

  • Processing Advisory

    We provide you advisory to obtain Certificates of Origin, Mexican Official Standards and authorizations from government agencies for export.

  • Others

    Our mission is to assist you to achieve your import/export business, for any question or problem you may have we will accompany you through the process.

Documents Required

In order to process your shipments, the following documents will be required; therefore, it is necessary to make them available.


Entrist Letter

Is the “AUTHORIZATION” any importer grants to its Custom Agent to process imports.


Copy of the Articles of Incorporation

certified by a Notary Public.


Power of Attorney

Power of attorney granted to the attorney-in-fact or legal representative (if applicable) of the company


Official ID

Bearing photo. Copy of INE Card, Passport, Military Service ID, of the importer or legal representative of the company.


RFC (R1 or R2 when applicable)

Copy of the RFC of the individual or company.


Domicile proof

Electricity, water or telephone bills, with no more than 3 months old. Updated pictures of the individual’s company or domicile building front.


Possibly required

MSDS materials’ custodian letter. General and sector importers’ registry number. Letter of appointment of customs broker.