Mr. Omar Badir Méndez

National Patent No. 1713

Our commitment

CLARK OROZCO Y CIA., S.C., Custom Agents, has more than 50 years of experience and a professional staff highly committed with excellence in performance due to the continuous training required and received in this area.
We manage efficiently and properly the foreign trade operations, ensuring the valuable legal certainty of our customers, and aware of the tax processes entailed in such transactions. Bearing this in mind, we acknowledge that we are receiving not only our customers’ foreign trade operations but also, we are the depositaries of their trust because of our outstanding fulfilment.



Orozco, Clark y Cía, S.C., Custom Agents, entered into operation in 1965 leaded by Mr. Ricardo Clark Novara


The Civil Partnership started operations with the same name than that we maintain presently, Clark Orozco y Cía, S.C. and its legal representative is Mr. Ricardo Clark.


Since more than 50 years, our CEO, Ricardo Enrique Clark y Rodriguez, Bachelor in Law, has dedicated his professional life to the exciting world of the Foreign Trade, which evolves within a complex and changing legal framework.